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You are in a little UFO and your mission is to fly through a dark and endless cave without crashing into the rocks. Sometimes you'll see some curious stones sparkling in the dark. Is it a good idea to collect them? Mighty rocks blocking the path and make your mission more complicated. Collect as much points as you can, but don't be too uforic! Here is one last good hint: Keep an eye on the fuel gauge! No fuel makes flying cruel* ;-)


* Endless cave with random placed rocks you better not hit
* Different stones with good and bad effects
* Easy to learn controls
* If you like you can share your highscore with other people using Google Play Services (optional)

If you have any problems please tell me. I will try my best to help you.

* If you are an airline and you want to use this high-class slogan, please write me an email for further information

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